To accommodate a wide range of client objectives, Michelle offers the following service packages.

Single Tasks

A series of project images composed in a single shoot. Michelle will coordinate with your project representatives to understand requirements and deliver polished professional images on schedule.

Milestones Package

A combination of two or three shoots capturing a series of milestone moments during construction. Michelle will work with your representatives to schedule and deliver a multi-shoot collection of images capturing key events in the construction cycle.

Inception to Completion Package

A comprehensive series of four or more shoots coordinated that detail the entire construction life cycle from groundbreaking to ribbon cutting. Working with your team, Michelle will develop an appropriate schedule of shoots and deliver images that capture a holistic view of the building process.

Real Estate Package

Specially developed for those that sell, this package captures key interior and exterior perspectives in a single shoot with an emphasis on polished professional compositions and quick turnaround.

Residential Projects Package

Designed for residential renovation contractors who need quality images to represent their finished work, Michelle will accommodate a single day of photography that covers multiple project locations and captures specific interior and exterior shots.