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High-impact architectural photography must creatively explore and articulate a building’s every angle from the big picture to the subtle details.

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Our Approach

In architecture, creatively articulating the client’s program within a contextually integrated building solution that energizes the ambitions of the users is the cornerstone of harmoniously responsive design. High-impact architectural photography must also creatively explore and articulate a building’s every angle from the big picture to the subtle details. MKM Build Photography appreciates the visionary perspective, purpose, and deep-seated understanding of a building’s inner workings required to take a design from rendering to realization. Likewise, photographically illuminating the very best of each building through a combination of composition, lighting, depth perception, timing, and color capture is also the work of a skilled mind’s eye and technical mastery.

Images That Sell Success

MKM Build is invigorated by the challenge of exploring and exposing fully realized architecture through the lens to produce compositionally compelling images that sell success. A field of ever-changing dynamics, good architecture is always on the edge of exploration and good architectural photography must achieve a balance between established expectations and unexpected surprises in the images. Building from the platform defined in the architectural renderings, MKM Build goes beyond the basics to seek out what is special in every assignment and produce images that embody more than thematic perspective, but indeed the emotional qualities of each design.

Our Process

In concert with the architect’s project manager and marketing team, MKM Build establishes a comprehensive shot list covering every desired vantage, key thematic drivers, and assignment expectations before visiting the site. In pursuit of an economy of scale, MKM Build makes contact with key subconsultants, general contractors, and prominent product manufacturers associated with the project to promote photographic cost-sharing among participants to reduce the primary client’s expense.

Each participant is given access to an online project portal where the particulars of every assignment – schedule, participants, stage of execution, and licensing – are easily understood every step of the way. Photographs are captured in full-resolution 55-megabyte raw files and meticulously polished through a dedicated post-production process.

MKM Build Photography is focused on building long-lasting photographic partnerships with architects across the country based on exceptional vision, compositional clarity, reasonable pricing, and high-performance images.

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